Special shoes to accommodate orthotics

Orthotics are shoe inserts worn inside shoes to help give support to the foot during walking, sprinting and running. Many athletes use orthotics to help support their foot arches as they run or sprint during marathons. Depending on how active you are, special shoes can help accommodate orthotic inserts and make walking or running comfortable for longer periods of time. Orthotics are available over the counter, or as prescribed by a podiatrist. Special shoes are available for purchase a speciality stores around the country. Several companies make special shoes that fit orthotics.

Hatchback Shoes

The Hatchback brand shoe was developed by a parent who was frustrated with shoes for toddlers that did not accommodate orthotics. The brand emerged and is sold in JCPenney stores around the country. Hatchback shoes are custom-made for younger children, and help foot development in kids at a young age. They have rear entry hinge system that makes it easy for children to put on shoes, accommodating children wearing orthotics. The custom made shoe moulds around the brace of the orthotic and provides extra space around the toes for comfort.

Soft Star Shoes

Soft Star Shoes is a company based out of Corvallis, Oregon. The custom made shoes accommodate orthotics and prevent excess sweating in the foot, which could lead to other foot infections. Orthotic braces cause excess sweating and eventually will lead to foot fungus if not properly ventilated. The materials Soft Star uses to make shoes is natural; the shoes boast flexible soles. Soft soles provide comfort and stability to the entire foot. The shoes are made for toddlers, children and adults. No animal products are used to construct Soft Stars.

Pedors Shoes

Pedors shoe company is a larger company and specialises in making foot products not only for the common athlete, but for diabetics, as well. Pedors has a catalogue that offers a variety of shoes sizes and colours. The company manufactures shoes to fit orthotics for diabetics. The company is based out of Georgia and has many stores around that area. Pedors' website offers free shipping for online purchases.

Markell Shoes

Markell shoe company is a 40-year-old company that specialises in making shoes that fit orthotics. The company will make shoes to fit feet of all ages, and will talk to the health care professional to discuss the right construction of the shoe to ensure the right fit. Markell does not only make shoes for adults but manufactures special shoes for children of all ages depending on their foot condition.

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