What Is the Best Tumble Dryer?

While hanging wet laundry on a clothesline might be the most energy-efficient, earth-friendly method of drying clothes, it isn't practical for everyone. For fast, indoor drying, a tumble dryer makes quick work of your wet clothing and can also help disinfect and de-wrinkle your clothes. If the multitude of dryer models on the market leaves your head spinning like your favourite shirt in a washing machine, third-party critics have highlighted some of the best-performing dryers available.


The editors of "Consumer Reports" tested several dozen tumble dryers and named this dryer as one of the best all-around models. It comes in both a gas and electric version, and reviewers noted that it was fast, held a lot -- you can fit quite a bit into its 7.3-cubic-foot interior -- and perhaps most importantly, was very quiet when running. Additional features include seven heat settings, a reversible door and a motion sensor so you get just the right amount of dryness.

GE Profile Frontload Dryer

Some things in life are just worth splurging for, and this dryer is one of them, says "Good Housekeeping" magazine. When it comes to rapid drying as well as effective wrinkle removal, the magazine says this dryer outperformed the other nine dryers it tested. Features include a 7.5-cubic-foot tumbling drum that reverses in the middle of the cycle to help speed up drying. A standout highlight: two hot steam options allow you to quickly de-wrinkle and deodorise your clothes when you don't have time for a full wash.

Samsung Dryers

In its 2010 laundry appliance research study, J.D. Power and Associates surveyed more than 5,100 people who purchased and used a dryer that year. Factors taken into account included a dryer's aesthetics, such as its design and style, as well as its performance and utility. Samsung's dryers collectively won the highest ranking -- 833 out of a possible 1,000 points -- which is the third consecutive time the Samsung brand has earned this high recommendation. The manufacturer offers several steam and traditional tumble dryers ranging in capacity from 4.0 to 7.5 cubic feet.

Maytag Centennial MEDC400VW

When it comes to budget-friendly tumble dryers, Maytag's model was one of the best, according to "Consumer Reports." Don't expect anything too fancy from this electric 7-cubic-foot appliance. Features include seven drying cycles and a built-in sensor that monitors laundry wetness. However, trade-offs include a drying time that can sometimes be longer than some of Maytag's more premium tumble dryers.

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