Commonly used household items in the 1960s

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The 1960s were alive with technology and rapid industrialisation. New products were frequently being introduced into homes across America, and convenience was priority, allowing more women to enter the workforce.

Many common household items that were used in the 60s are still used today, though improved over the years.

In the Kitchen

Kitchens of the 1960s were home to a number of common household items. Electric can openers were new and inexpensive. Blenders and food processors were found in many kitchens, making food preparation much easier. Dishwashers gained popularity through the decade, making clean up almost effortless. For homeowners who could not afford to install a dishwasher in the cabinetry, portable machines were available that could be connected to the faucet water and moved out of the room when not in use.


Televisions were common in more and more living rooms across America during the 1960s. By the end of the decade colour sets replaced black and white in many homes. They allowed families to experience historic events such as President Kennedy's assassination and the first moon walk. Another advancement in television technology were portable sets. Weighing in around 11.3 Kilogram, these could be moved into the kitchen, a bedroom or a college dorm.

Modern Conveniences

Many homes were equipped with convenient devices such as the rotary telephone and record player stereos. Battery operated radios were popular and could be carried where ever a person went--around the house or outside. Flash cameras and Polaroid cameras made taking snapshots easy for everyone. Eight millimetre video cameras were popular for recording birthdays, vacations, holidays and baby's first steps.


Innovative light fixtures were popular among younger Americans in the 60s. Floating bubbles in lava lamps gave rooms a modern styling. Rotating Saturn lamps reflect coloured lights around a room. These dimly lit lamps were used to accent decor rather than for illumination.


Barbie dolls were first introduced in 1959 and became one of the most popular girls' toys during the 1960s. G.I. Joe action figures became popular among boys during the Vietnam War. These children's toys influenced culture of the 60s and continue to do so today.