Ancient Greek God Costumes for Kids

Updated April 17, 2017

In Greek mythology there were 12 Olympians, gods and goddesses who lived on Mt. Olympus. Each had special attributes. Whether you have been asked to make a Greek God costume for a party, a special event at school or a theatre production, you will find that you already have most of the things you need at home to make a convincing costume. Props can be made easily and inexpensively from household items to adapt the basic costume to portray a particular god or goddess.

Basic Costume

Tunics or chitons were worn by all the citizens of Ancient Greece and form the basis of any Greek god costume. You will need a rectangular piece of sheeting or cloth approximately four yards in length. Drape one end of the cloth over your left shoulder so that it hangs down your front to somewhere between your knees and your ankles. Bring the rest of the cloth around your back and under your right arm and then throw the other end of the cloth over your left shoulder. Secure it at the waist with a belt, arrange the drapes neatly and then fasten it at the shoulder with a pin. Wear a plain T-shirt underneath if you wish.


Ancient Greeks wore leather sandals. Greek women always wore their hair up in a bun or ponytail, so tie your hair up away from your face, unless it is too short to do so. Some loose curled strands would soften the look. Women wore gold or silver pins in their hair and garlands or tiaras. Make a simple garland by sticking bay leaves onto a band made from card stock and spraying it with gold spray paint. Alternatively wind lengths of ivy around it. Men often wore these too.


Adapt the basic costume according to the god you have chosen to be. Zeus was the ruler of the gods, god of thunder and lightning. Add a gold sash to your costume and make a thunderbolt from a piece of cardboard cut to shape and sprayed with gold paint. Dionysus was the god of wine and festivity; wear a dark red toga and carry a plastic wine goblet sprayed gold. Ares was the god of war; carry a plastic shield or spear. Poseidon was god of the sea, so add a trident. Hades was god of the underworld; wear a black toga and black garland.


Aphrodite was goddess of love and beauty. She carried an apple and a mirror, so add these to your costume. Athena was goddess of war and carried a shield and spear. She had an owl perched on her shoulder. Hera was queen of the gods and goddess of the sky and stars. Add some star shapes to her headdress. Demeter was the goddess of agriculture, grain and bread. Carry some ears of corn, or for a humorous touch, perhaps a loaf of bread. All the goddesses wore heavy gold jewellery; try making some from gold ribbons with medallions cut from cardboard and painted gold. Stick glass beads or plastic gems on for extra effect.

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