Cool Ways to Fake a Fireplace

Updated November 21, 2016

A fireplace is a lovely feature for any home. Most people find the ambience associated with a warm fire to be a desirable focal point for a room. Since not all homes are equipped to deal with a traditional fireplace, ways to fake it have become popular in the home decor field. Another attractive aspect of fake fireplaces is that in most cases, you can bring them with you if you move.

Electric Fireplaces

An electric fireplace can be the perfect way to achieve the comforting effects of a wood-burning one. Available in endless styles and sizes, it is easy to find one that fits into any decor. The heat level of an electric fireplace can be controlled. This is a welcome feature, as the heat produced by a real fireplace can be too warm for some people. No ventilation is required, and there is none of the mess of wood and ashes to dispose of.

Fireplace Murals

Painting a fireplace mural is an option for a talented few. Even with a stencil this can be a difficult task. A more practical method of acquiring a fireplace mural is to have a custom one made from a photo. This eliminates the time and expense associated with paying a professional muralist or trying to paint one yourself. Since a mural can be made from any photo, the options are limitless, and it can be removed at the homeowner's discretion.

Building a Faux Fireplace

A faux fireplace is another option. This can be done in a variety of ways depending on the decor of your home. Faux fireplace kits can be purchased for wood, faux stone or tiles. Or, you can design a fireplace and buy the materials yourself. Large pillar candles of varying heights placed on the hearth of a faux fireplace produce flickering flames comparable to burning logs.

Free-Standing Electric Stoves

Free-standing electric fireplace stoves are an economical alternative to a fireplace. Most are small enough to fit in homes with limited space and are conveniently portable. Such fireplaces use very little electricity to produce a realistic flame, making them an attractive option for those concerned about carbon footprints.

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