Decorations for Church Anniversary Ideas

Celebrating your wedding anniversary in a church harks back to the day you first wed your spouse. It also gives you the chance to invite guests who missed your wedding and celebrate with those who weren't in your life at the time. Decorations for a church anniversary include traditional wedding decorations. Church decorating ideas give the church a romantic feel while still keeping the original style of the building.

Floral Decorations

Flowers are an important part of decorating the church for your celebration. In addition to acting as a focal point for the room and drawing the eye, the flowers also provide a bright splash of colour in an otherwise traditional-looking space. If you're holding a reception at the church, use flowers in centrepieces at each table.

Budget-friendly anniversary celebrations use fewer flowers, but in areas that create the most impact. For example, place a large arrangement of fresh flowers near the front door where guests see them right away. Place a second arrangement on the gift table or near the guest book. Decorating the ends of each pew with a few flowers will also help you stick to a budget. Tie one or two brightly coloured flowers to the end of the pew with a piece of matching ribbon.

Use Fabric

Fabric adds colour and a touch of elegance to your anniversary celebration. Drape large pieces of fabric over the church pews, hiding the original wood of the pews and giving the space a new look. Or tie wide pieces of ribbon into bows and attach a bow to the end of each pew. You can even roll individual pieces of ribbon into shapes that resemble fresh flowers and use the pieces to create fake flower arrangements around the church.

Add Some Sparkle

Churches are traditionally sombre-looking spaces, but adding a little sparkle gives the space a bright look that fits with the celebration of your anniversary. Use glitter-dotted fabric over small tables or run a single piece of glittery fabric down the centre of the aisle. Decorate plain covered tables with a handful of glitter. Consult the church ahead of time to ask if you can use glitter.

Outside the Church

Run a piece of red fabric down the front steps of the church, to make it clear that guests are attending a special event or celebration. Decorate any railings or banisters outside the church as well. Tie fresh flower bouquets to the railing or mix and match the flower arrangements with bows and other decorations. Even a pair of silver bells tied to the front railing shows guests that it's not just another day in church.

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