Ideas for safety posters

Updated April 17, 2017

Safety posters are an ideal way to communicate safe practices and behaviour in your workplace or school environment. Posters present key safety information in an easy-to-understand format that people can read quickly without interrupting their daily activities. Post safety posters in common areas such as cafeterias, break rooms or hallways and ensure that your school or workplace is well-informed about safety procedures.

Fire Safety

Fire danger is an ever-present threat that can affect any building or structure. Knowing how to react in case of a fire can mean the difference between life or death. Fire safety posters should include information on issues such as evacuation procedures, how to avoid smoke inhalation, how to stop a fire, and emergency phone numbers. Place posters throughout the building to ensure that people will read and understand the importance of fire safety.

Severe Weather

In places where tornadoes, floods, hurricanes or earthquakes present a real danger, hang safety posters related to severe weather and natural disasters. Posters should indicate secure zones in the building to seek shelter from severe weather and evacuation routes. Posters listing survival tips (in case of earthquake, for example) can help arm people with information that could save their lives in cases of severe weather or natural disasters.

Handling Equipment

If people in your workplace are practicing heavy lifting or operating dangerous machinery, hang safety posters that promote safe equipment handling. Posters can demonstrate proper lifting techniques for heavy or awkward objects. Inform your co-workers about what safety precautions to take when operating heavy machinery, such as wearing appropriate clothing and eye protection. Place these posters in obvious places where equipment handling takes place.

Hazardous Substances

School science laboratories, hospitals and clinics are all examples of places where people are often exposed to hazardous substances. Place informational posters about how to handle and dispose of hazardous substances. How to protect yourself from hazardous substances and what to do in case of a spill or leak are other possible topics for safety posters. Call attention to the posters, and review vital safety information with all students or employees to ensure proper handling of these substances.

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