Electrical safety in the salon

electric device image by Astroid from Fotolia.com

A lot of salon equipment that is improperly used and maintained can create hazards. You need to be aware of all electrical hazards that can exist in a salon, and you need to know how to prevent them.


Electricity can be a serious hazard in a salon. It can expose employees and clients to burns, fires, electric shock, electrocution and explosions. All of these occurrences can cause serious harm, injury and even death.


Some of the things that can cause electrical shock are frayed cords, broken plugs, broken outlet covers, open circuit breaker panels, light fixtures, equipment, motors, machines, appliances, switches, cord connectors and plug-connected equipment. Flexible cords are more vulnerable to damage than fixed wiring. A flexible cord can be damaged by daily activity in the salon, doors or drawer edges, rubbing against other materials close by, and ageing.


There are many things you can do to prevent electrical damage. You need to inspect all cords and plugs frequently, and you can keep a maintenance log for all electrical equipment. Make sure to have sturdy sockets at all workstations, do not overload sockets, avoid the use of adaptors, and replace damaged outlet covers immediately. Make sure any spills are cleaned up immediately, unplug machinery and appliances before cleaning or repairing, and move flammable materials away from electric sources. Know the locations of fire extinguishers and circuit breakers, and make sure all hot and cold water pipes are bonded correctly.

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