Fun Things With Text Messaging

Updated April 17, 2017

Text messaging, or SMS (Short Message Service), is a mobile phone service allowing users to send short memos to one another. Send text messages via mobile phones, e-mail or an online communication service. Text messaging offers the possibility of non-verbal mobile communication, which makes it practical and enjoyable for people of all ages.


Imagine waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles or at the grocery store feeling bored and tired when suddenly you feel your phone vibrate with a text message that makes you laugh and brightens your day. Sending jokes is a fun way to text message your friends and family and lets them know you are thinking about them. Find text-messaging jokes online that are written especially for phone usage.

Punctuation Pictures

Get creative with your mobile phone and send fun pictures to your loved ones using only punctuation marks. Make funny faces with carrot marks, asterisks or exclamation marks. Use spacing and line breaks to create fun punctuation pictures and images. When you find yourself with some time to spare, experiment with creating pictures on your phone that you can send to your friends in a text message.

Moving Graphics

Send a moving graphic of cupid shooting an arrow to your loved one, or a birthday cake with twinkling candles to your best friend. Download fun moving graphics onto your phone, using an online graphics service, to send to your friends on every occasion. Add an accompanying text within the same message.


Most mobile phones are equipped with cameras that allow you to take pictures wherever you go. Capture a funny advertisement that you pass on the street or take a hilarious picture of your child eating spaghetti, and send it in a text message. Add a funny caption to your picture to give it a personal touch.

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