Tricks to Do With Invisible Thread

Written by meredith burgio
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Tricks to Do With Invisible Thread
Objects will levitate with the help of invisible thread. (John Rowley/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Magicians use invisible thread to create illusion or floating or moving objects. It is a thin thread that is almost undetectable to the naked eye. Purchase invisible thread from any magic shop. Practice using the thread with simple magic tricks. You will be ready to perform illusions in front of friends and family in no time.

Levitating Match

The levitating match trick is simple but classic. Cut 18 inches of invisible thread. Grab two identical deck of cards and one match. Remove a card from one of the decks. Use clear tape to attach the end of the invisible thread to the bottom left corner of the face of the card. Wrap the thread around the card three times lengthwise. Tape the thread to the opposite corner on the face of the card. Cut any excess with scissors. Find the matching card in the second deck and use double-sided tape to tape the second card over the first one to hide the invisible thread. Place the new card into the middle of one of the decks. This will make it appear that you are randomly selecting a card. If you lay the cards out across the table you will be able to feel the string on the back of the card. If you pull the card out of the deck, the gimmick card will be thicker than all of the others. Practice selecting the right card before performing in front of a card. While holding the card between your thumb and fingers place the match across the thread. Bend the edges of the card downward. The match will be supported by the string, which gives the illusion that the match is floating. Grab another card from the deck and slide it over the match then under the strings. People will think the match is really floating. Don't perform this trick under direct lighting or the thread may be easier to see. Also, don't allow your audience too close to where you are working or risk them seeing the thread.

Levitating Dollar Bill

For this trick, measure an arm's length of invisible tape. Place a small piece of clear tape on each end. Select an item for an anchor. It can be anything such as a pack of cards or cell phone. The anchor needs to be something that you can pick up easily once the trick is over. Place one end of the thread to the anchor. Press firmly on the tape to secure it. Place the second end inside of your mouth. Position the thread so you can still speak. Now you are ready to perform the trick in front of a crowd. Ask someone if you can borrow a dollar bill. Fold the dollar bill around the thread and place it in your hand. By moving your head back slightly, the thread will tighten and support the bill. To prove there is nothing attached to the bill, move your hands around it. Move your head to the left and the right to give the illusion the bill is floating from one hand to the other. The key to this trick is to move your head slowly. Too fast and you will be caught.

Rotating Card

You will need a deck of playing cards and clear tape for this illusion. You will need a length of thread to reach from your ear lobe to your thumbnail. You want enough thread so your hand can move freely. Tape the ends of the thread in place with clear tape. Once you are ready to perform, have a person in the audience shuffle or examine the cards so they know there's nothing suspicious about them. When the person returns the deck, secretly slide the tape from your wrist to the centre of the top card. Now it's time to make the card move. Hold the deck at the top and the bottom. Offset the top card with the string connected to it. Take the tip of your pointer finger and touch the upper left corner of the top card. The bottom of the deck should be resting on your thumb. Apply pressure to the upper left corner with your pointer finger then let the card go. The card should fly from your hands and begin spinning. This move make take some practice. You can also try just picking up the top card and throw it so it spins. Either way you spin it, you will keep your audience guessing.

Levitating Bottle Cap

The levitating bottle cap is similar to the levitating dollar bill. However, you will use magician's wax for this trick. Purchase the wax at any magic shop. Cut a piece of thread to reach from your mouth to your hand comfortably. Place tape at one end of the thread. Roll a small amount of wax and place it at the other end. The ball should be smaller than the bottle cab. The thread should blend into the wax. Place the wax on your thumbnail. Put the tape end of the thread into your mouth. Place it on the side of your cheek so you can still speak clearly. Borrow a plastic bottle from an audience member. Have another audience member inspect the bottle so they know the trick isn't staged. Use the hand without the thread connected to it to take the bottle from the person. Remove the bottle cap. Carefully remove the wax from your and centre it on top of the bottle cap. If the wax isn't centred it will spin unevenly. Spin the bottle cap. Pull your hands away. The bottle cap appears to be spinning in the air. Move your head up and down to make the cap spin. Grab the cap when it begins to slow down. You're trick is finished.

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