Memorial Gifts for the Dead

Updated March 23, 2017

A variety of gifts are appropriate for a loved one who has passed on. Memorial gifts honour the memory of the deceased and provide a loving way to express your feelings for the departed. Memorial gifts come in a variety of designs, many of which can be personalised with the name and photo of the loved one.

Memorial Trees

Memorial trees are gifts of remembrance that will continue to live on long after they are given. They also provide a place for quiet reflection. Many times when memorial trees are planted, they are marked by an engraved stone or marker displaying the name of the departed and the year of death. In addition to their sentimental aspects, the oxygen that memorial trees produce nourishes the environment, symbolising that life goes on.

Engraved Memorial Rocks

Memorial rocks come in an assortment of styles and sizes and can be customised. Memorial rocks are usually engraved to include a favourite poem or quote of the deceased or the image of the loved one along with her name and date of passing. Traditionally, memorial rocks are installed next to grave markers or in memorial gardens, but you can place one anywhere that loved ones visit and reflect upon their memories of the departed.

Personalised Memorial Benches

Personalised memorial benches are not only symbolic, but functional. Benches can be designed out of an assortment of materials, but are typically made of wood or granite and offer visitors a place to sit and reflect. Memorial benches can be engraved with poems or quotes that were special to the departed or simply engraved with a photo of the departed and their date of birth and death. Memorial benches are typically placed graveside or in memorial gardens, but can also be placed in parks or locations that were special to the individual they honour.

Bronze Memorial Plaques

Of all memorial gifts for the departed, memorial plaques are some of the most common. Memorial plaques are can be made of bronze, granite or construction-grade stone and typically display the name and sometimes the photo of the departed. Memorial plaques can also be personalised to include information about the individual's life and their dates of birth and death. Military-style memorial plaques are often created to celebrate the life of veterans and to honour their military service. Memorial plaques can be installed at the individual's grave site, mausoleum or anywhere that loved ones gather to visit and reflect.

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