The best holographic gun sights

Written by chris orr
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The best holographic gun sights
Holographic sights are mounted on weapons for fast target acquisition. (David Silverman/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

Since the early development of the pistol and rifle, gun sights involved a front blade and either a rear leaf with a notch or a peephole. Use of these sights generally required the shooter to close one eye and line up the front blade with the notch or peephole on the target. This process takes a few seconds and is only as good as the eyesight of the shooter. Telescopic sights extended the range of the shooter by magnifying the target and transposing a cross hairs on the target. Rifles and pistols with this kind of sight are difficult to use at short range.

Holographic Sights

Holographic sights present shooters with the ability to engage targets at a short to medium range quickly. These sights consist of a single piece of glass housed in a round or square frame. The base of the sight contains batteries and a light emitter. When activated, the emitter displays a bright dot or reticule on the glass. Target acquisition is faster with a holographic sight because the shooter keeps both eyes open. When the shooter looks down the length of the rifle, the dominant eye automatically centres on the reticule. Whatever the shooter puts the reticule on is targeted.

Eotech Holographic Sights

Eotech produces a wide range of holographic sights for military, law enforcement and civilian use. The two most common power sources for Eotech's sights are CR123 and AA batteries. CR123 batteries can get up to 600 hours of use, while AA batteries, depending on the type, can get between 600 hours and 1,100 hours of use. Eotech sights come with a two-year warranty.

Trijicon Holographic Sights

Trijicon makes sights that do not require batteries. Instead the reticules are lit by a combination of tritium lamps and fibre-optic light pipes that gather and channel ambient light. Trijicon guarantees the brightness of their sights for up to 15 years.

AimSHOT Holographic Sights

AimSHOT sits at the lower end of manufacturers of holographic sights. The least expensive model runs with LR44 batteries, and the reticules can last as long as 20 hours with continuous use. The Pro model uses CR123 batteries and gets nearly 6,000 hours of use. AimSHOT provides a five-year warranty for their sights.

Which Holographic Sight Is Best

Selection of a holographic sight is a matter of preference. Eotech and AimSHOT sights are both battery operated but come with integrated mounts. Trijicon sights do not require batteries but do not have integrated mounts.

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