Traditional engagement gifts

Updated February 21, 2017

The occasion of a wedding engagement is a special time in the lives of a couple, but such an event usually encompasses many others, too. Choosing the right engagement gift can be a challenge, especially since options seem limitless. Sometimes you just want something familiar. Luckily, there are a number of traditional engagement gifts suitable for the occasion.

A Teapot/Serving Set

If you really, really want to be traditional, you can buy the happy couple a teapot. It is believed that the first traditional engagement gift was a teapot. Not only does this gift reflect a traditional choice, it is also useful. Newlyweds often require a number of appliances for the home. a teapot or serving set is useful for both the couple and any guests they may be hosting in the future.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are not only traditional, they are still very popular and useful choices. Gift baskets are easily customisable, whether you buy them pre-made or make one yourself. Not only can you choose a basket that is most appropriate for the couple, you can tailor the basket's contents for both members of the couple. Baskets may contain food or drink, such as the traditional choices of coffee, tea, or wine; but they may also contain everything from sports gear to books.


Giving the gift of flowers has been a long-standing engagement practice. Flowers are often an easy and beautiful gift, and are also customisable for the couple. Whether going with a single flower choice, such as roses, or a more elaborate bouquet, flowers can be chosen to match the couple. And, with worldwide delivery available, your engagement gift can reach the couple almost anywhere on the planet. Pairing flowers with a thoughtful note or card adds a personal touch to the gift.


Wine is another traditional engagement gift. The gift of the Greek gods is often associated with special occasions, so there will be no mistaking its symbolising the happy occasion. Much like flowers and gift baskets, wine can easily be customised to the taste of the couple. Champagne is a popular choice -- and is all the better for celebrations. Choosing a special vintage -- say, from the year the couple met -- is one way to make the gift particularly special.

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