Glass bowl table centerpiece ideas with flowers for a wedding

Updated April 17, 2017

Centrepieces grace the tables at a reception and are a crucial component of a wedding's decor. Glass bowls and flowers can be put together in different ways to create stunning centrepieces. Best of all, the bride and groom can easily select different styles and colours of flowers to ensure that their centrepieces fit in with the rest of their wedding themes.

Glass Bowls

A clear glass bowl showcases the beauty of the flowers and allows guests to take in the sight of the fresh green stems and leaves. Bowls tend to be shorter than vases and allow the use of flowers with short stems, too. Bowls are ideal for tables, as they are harder to knock over. The bowl itself can be a work of art, with unique, graceful curves that stand out from more traditional vases.

Blooms and Petals

Bowls do not need to incorporate the entire flower, stem and all, to make an impressive floral centrepiece. Instead, the bowl can hold delicate flowers among a sea of flower petals. The shape of the bowl gives the centrepiece an interesting form, while the flower petals contribute their beautiful colours, which can be adapted to match the rest of the wedding's colour scheme. Including full flowers will preserve the hint of a floral arrangement in this centrepiece idea.

Flowers and Candles

A glass bowl filled with water, floating candles and flower petals sets a romantic mood. Coordinate flower and candle colours with the wedding colours, or use a contrasting colour for an unusual flash. A layer of flower petals resting upon the bottom of the bowl adds a softness to the display. Whole flowers can be used as well.

Flowers and Water

Flowers drifting in a water filled bowl establish a serene look that is suited for many weddings. A large bowl has room for several flowers. However, placing one large bloom in the centre of the bowl produces a dramatic look that draws attention to the single flower. Adding cranberries or other berries, polished stones, beach glass or other decorative items give the centrepiece more texture and more intricate details. For a truly splashing centrepiece, add a goldfish or a beta fish to the glass bowl.

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