Butterfly & Flower Centerpiece Ideas for Weddings

Updated March 24, 2017

Many brides choose to incorporate butterflies in their wedding theme, as these creatures are delicate and fairy-like, combining well with centrepiece flower arrangements. Butterfly decorations are available in different designs and materials, such as candles, fabrics, wire and feathers. Fabric butterflies come in a whole range of different sizes and colours, making it easy to find the right decorative butterflies for your colour scheme.

Traditional Flower Arrangements and Butterflies

As butterflies naturally combine well with flowers, you can choose any flower arrangement as a centrepiece and simply add the butterflies to it. Opt for butterflies that are mounted on wire to easily stick in between the flowers. It will appear as if the butterflies are "hovering" over the arrangement. Ensure that the butterflies you choose fit into the colour scheme. Ask for a sample, and hold it next to the flowers you want to use to ensure that the textures and colours match. Choose flowers that would naturally attract butterflies--big and colourful such as Gerber daisies and sunflowers. Stylish white and silver centre pieces with lilies or white orchids, on the other hand, will combine well with a delicate white fabric butterfly or a silver butterfly made from wire and crystals. For a springtime wedding you can use blossoming branches for your centrepieces. Glue the butterflies to the branch or use see-through string to let them dangle from it.

Butterfly Terrarium Centerpieces

Use a globe shape such as an upside down fish bowl for an interesting butterfly and flower centre piece. Fasten two or three fabric butterflies to see-through wires and glue it to the top of the globe. The butterflies will be dangling down, appearing to be flying. Arrange flowers inside or around the globe. You can also use wheat grass for the base of the centre piece, making it look like a well-trimmed lawn with the butterflies flying above the grass, and then arrange flowers around the globe.

Garden Theme Centerpieces

If your wedding has a distinct garden theme, you can use terracotta pots, baskets or even watering cans for your centre pieces. Opt for typical garden flowers such as daisies or even lavender, and combine it with faux butterflies. Fasten butterfly decorations to the hinge of a watering can or basket's handle. A practical idea is to use potted plants instead of a traditional flower arrangement for your centre piece, and give it to your guests as a wedding favour. In this case, be careful not to hurt the plant when you stick butterflies in between the flowers.

Single Flower with Butterflies

A simple, yet elegant idea is to use a long, straight vase and a single Gerber daisy for your centre piece. The vase should be a bit taller than the flower. Fill the base with white pebbles, marbles or sand and plant the daisy in the middle. Twist a wire with beads and butterflies around or even inside the vase. Or position a wire over the mouth of the vase and have butterflies dangling from it on a see-through wire. You can even string some beads to the wire and shape it to form a butterfly.

Centrepieces with Other Butterfly Decorations

You don't need to use actual faux butterflies for your butterfly theme. There are a whole range of decorations with a butterfly design that will be just as effective. Opt for a stylish vase with a butterfly pattern, or candle holders that incorporate glass butterfly motifs. In the evening, the light will shine through the butterflies' wings, creating a soft light. Another option is to go for butterfly-shaped floating candles combined with flowers or even rose petals in a flat glass bowl.

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