Christian Faith Building Games for Children

Written by laurie lanehart
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Christian Faith Building Games for Children
Teaching children about faith can be easier with games and activities. (Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

Christian games can be an effective way to encourage and help build faith. Many children learn best by seeing and doing. Christian games are one of the most beneficial ways to teach a lesson, are good for socialising, and provide a tangible way for children to learn about faith. It helps to reinforce what they are learning and aids in understanding and seeing the importance of faith.

Bible Quizzing Games

Bible quizzing is a popular game with children and youth groups. Children and teens who are actively involved in quizzing spend hours learning and memorising Bible passages and facts. These activities are for a group setting, although children spend time alone studying Bible facts and passages to prepare for the event.

At the event, children representing different churches compete in a game against other children their age. This faith-building activity gives children the opportunity to show their knowledge of the Bible and encourages building a strong relationship with God.

Trust Walk Mine Field Game

The Trust Walk Mine Field Game is a cooperative game that does not have a winner. Pair each child with another and blindfold one. Once the children are ready, place items around the room randomly; these are the "mines." The goal of the game is for the blindfolded child to walk through the minefield without touching a mine. The blindfolded child cannot talk but listens to verbal clues given by the partner to help guide him through the obstacles. Chose a specific amount of time for the first group to go, then swap and let the other children have a turn. Then read Isaiah 42:16 and discuss what it is like to follow God and trust him completely.

Bible Character Tag

For this game, each child will chose the name of a person in the Bible. Have the children tell you who their character is. Divide the group in half, sending each group to a different wall. Pick one student to be in the middle. Call out the name of one of the chosen Bible characters and that child will try to run towards the other wall without the child in the middle tagging her. If the child in the middle tags the runner, he will trade places with her.

At some point in the game stop and ask one of the students why she chose the character she did and what she likes about that character. Start the game again. Afterward, ask all the children why they chose the characters they did. Make sure everyone gets a turn.

Bible Trivis Games

Many children enjoy trivia games. A Bible quiz and trivia game is a good way to reinforce what children are leaning. Divide the class into teams with three to four children per group. Make up the quiz yourself or use a premade one. Give one quiz sheet per group and have them come up with a name for their group and write it at the top. Time the students during their quiz. When the time is up, read off the questions and give the correct answers. Talking about the questions and answers is a good tool for learning about the Bible and helps children memorise important facts. Tally up how many correct answers they have. The team with the most correct answers wins.

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