Ideas for a Baby Boy's First Birthday Cake

Updated April 17, 2017

First birthdays are special, lighthearted and fun events for all involved. One fun aspect of first birthday parties is the first birthday cake. You have many different ways to make a memorable first birthday cake for a baby boy. Good ideas for a boy's first cake include birthday cakes that look like fun animals, building blocks or even your family itself.

Animal Shaped Cakes

Try a cake shaped like a fun and boyish symbol. Some good options for these cakes include friendly dinosaur or animal shapes. You can even make cakes in the form of popular animals such as Winnie the Pooh or Mickey Mouse. First bake a large sheet cake, then print or draw an outline of the animal to use. Then, lay the outline on the sheet cake and cut away pieces to fit the outline. Finally, fill in the animal cake with bright colours so your baby loves it.


Cupcakes are generally much less messy than a large cake in the hands of a baby and his pals. Also, cupcakes are much easier to make than a large cake and can have all sorts of different attractive icing colours and flavours on top. You can also make cupcakes into fun shapes with creative use of icing, such as puppy, monkey or caterpillar shapes.

Building-Block Cakes

Building blocks, one of the most common baby toys for boys, can make an ideal basis for a boy's first birthday cake. Not only are they colourful, but many building blocks have numbers and letters on them. To make a building-block cake shape, make a delicious sheet cake, then cube up the cake. Ice each side of the cube as a different number or letter, then arrange your blocks into a phrase such as "Happy Birthday" or your baby boy's name.

Picture Cakes

Picture cakes, a relatively new concept as of 2011, are literally cakes with pictures of your family or your baby boy printed on edible sugar paper and stuck to the surface of a cake, acting as both decoration and icing. While some supermarkets and bakers can perform this technique, you may also order sets of sugar pictures online at GogoCakes. Just send the site the pictures you would like to use, select what size cake you need and how many copies you would like, then submit your order. GogoCakes can even print a background photo of trucks, cars or even baseball stadiums to accentuate your baby boy's cake. When your pictures arrive, simply stick them to the top of your cake and enjoy. You can even put a collage of family photos or baby pictures on your cake to stun your guests.

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