Lunchtime Games & Jokes for Kids

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Lunchtime Games & Jokes for Kids
Games can teach kids about the importance of eating a healthy lunch. (Mediterranean lunch image by Igor Shootov from

If lunchtime is getting boring, it's time to spice it up with some jokes and games. Jokes about lunch are especially entertaining at lunchtime. You can even use online games to learn about how to create a healthy lunch. There's no need to be bored at lunchtime as long as you have some of these games and jokes up your sleeve.

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Lunch-O-Matic is an online game from PBS that teaches about the different nutrients you should include in your lunch. Characters from the "Arthur" TV show help you make choices for the students of Arthur's school to ensure that they are all getting a healthy lunch. You'll learn about the different vitamins and minerals in each type of food, as well as which types of food are low in fat, carbohydrates or sodium.

Lunch Crunch

Lunch Crunch is an online game from Playnourmous that teaches nutrition. It's more challenging than Lunch-O-Matic, but you'll need to know far less to play it. In essence, you'll simply make sure that you throw out all of the unhealthy food and include only fruits and vegetables on the lunch trays that pass by. There are several levels to this game, so allow plenty of time to rack up points.

Where Would We Meet?

Next time you're bored at the lunch table, tell your friends this fictitious story and watch their responses: "Today during history class, my teacher started asking this really long question, and I just knew she was going to call on me. It was something like 'Let's say I asked you to meet me for lunch at 42 degrees, 7 minutes north latitude, and 13 degrees, 4 minutes east latitude...' So I told her the truth. I said, 'I guess you'd be eating all by yourself!' "

Beans Again?

If you're still bored, try telling this joke at lunch: "There were three construction workers all unpacking their lunches together. The first one complained: 'Sandwiches again! All I ever get are sandwiches. I can't eat another sandwich!' The second one grumbled: "I'm so sick of tacos, and I don't even like them!" The third one groaned: "Beans? I'm so sick and tired of beans..." The next day, the first one opened his lunch box. "Another sandwich! I refuse to eat this sandwich!" he said, and he threw his lunch box into the river below the bridge. The second one opened his lunch box and said, "And I have tacos! I refuse to eat these tacos," and threw them into the river. The third one opened his lunch box and said, "Beans! I'm so sick of beans. I refuse to eat them," and threw them into the river. "My wife never listens to me when I complain about the sandwiches," said the first man. "Mine doesn't listen when I complain about the tacos," said the second man. They both turned to the third man. "Guess your wife doesn't listen to you either," they said. "Na," answered the third man. "But I pack my own lunch."

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