Multicultural games for preschool

Written by gisela chavez
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Multicultural games for preschool
Teach kids to use chopsticks with a fun multicultural game. (Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

Preschool is the first place many children are introduced to a social environment where they interact with a large group of kids their own age. This is an ideal time to begin teaching young children cultural awareness and sensitivity to the differences in others. Multicultural games are a fun way for preschoolers to begin to develop an appreciation for different cultures at an early age.

Using Chop Sticks

Include this game as a lesson about food from around the world. Begin by explaining to kids that in some parts of the world, people use chopsticks to eat instead of forks. Place several paper plates and a bunch of cotton balls on a table for the kids to play with. Give them each a set of chopsticks and instruct them to use the chopsticks to pick up the cotton balls and place them on the paper plates. Give them time to experiment with using the chopsticks on their own before demonstrating how to properly use them. Make it more exciting by timing the kids to see how many cotton balls they can place on their plates in five minutes and awarding the winner with a small prize. This game also helps to develop their fine motor skills.

Camel Race

Play this game as a fun conclusion to a lesson about Egypt. Explain to the children that in Egypt and other parts of the world, people ride on camels as a method of transportation. Gather empty rolls of masking tape or other circular objects for this game as well as camel and pyramid cut-outs. Give kids markers or crayons to decorate their camels and pyramids and assist them in cutting them out and putting them together. Glue or tape the camels to the masking tape rolls. Set up the pyramids in the front of the classroom and place a meter stick a short distance away as a starting line. Allow kids to place their camels on the starting line two at a time. When you say "go," the kids can push their camels forward to see who makes it to the pyramids first.

Hawaiian Relay

Teach preschoolers about all the different kinds of fruit found in Hawaii and conclude with this active game. Gather plastic pineapples, mangoes or guavas from a craft store. Take the kids outside or to the school gym so they can have plenty of room to run around. Mark a start and finish line with tape or cones. Let the kids race two or three at a time carrying the plastic fruit with only one hand, between their knees or on their backs (whatever is most appropriate for their level).

Donkey Piñata

Teach kids about how parties are celebrated in Mexico with a fun "pin the tail on the donkey piñata" game. Explain to kids with pictures or books that in Mexico, many parties and celebrations involve breaking open a piñata. Print out a picture of a large donkey piñata or draw one on a sheet of butcher paper. Tape the donkey to a wall in the classroom. Print donkey tail colouring sheets for the kids to decorate with crayons and markers. Help them cut out their donkey tails and give them each a piece of tape to attach to the back. Take turns blindfolding the kids, spinning them around and giving them a chance to pin the tail on the donkey piñata.

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