Party Ideas From "Grease" the Movie

Released in 1978, the musical "Grease" features a ton of fun elements from 1950s that can be incorporated into a basic '50s party theme, including poodle skirts, jukeboxes, ducktails and saddle shoes. Turn the generic '50s party into a "Grease" party by playing songs from the film, such as "Beauty School Dropout," "Greased Lightning" and "Summer Nights." For a more immersive "Grease theme, plan a party reminiscent of one of the scenes from the film.

Pink Lady Slumber Party

Arrange a Pink Lady slumber party for teen girls reminiscent of the one thrown for Sandy by Frenchie after Danny blows her off on the night of the bonfire. During the scene, Frenchie tries to pierce Sandy's ears, Marty writes love letters to her many overseas boyfriends and Rizzo sings the classic song "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee."

Begin the party toasting marshmallows and telling stories around a backyard fire pit. When the teens move inside, provide an assortment of facial masks, night creams and other beauty treatments to experiment with. Put out a bowl of inexpensive earrings as party favours for the girls to try on and take home, in honour of the ear-piercing scene. Let the girls sack out in sleeping bags to watch the film, sing "Grease" karaoke and talk about the boys they'd like to write love letters to.

Greased Lightning

Don't let girls have all the fun. Stage a "Grease" party that will appeal to both teen and adult males by taking inspiration from the "Greased Lightning" dance number. In the scene, Danny helps Kenickie imagine what his hunk of junk will look like once they've souped up the automobile.

Book party space at a car-related location, such as a local automobile museum, a fun centre with go karts, a race car track or a restaurant near a local car show. Play the "Greased Lightning" and the drag racing scene in the background while the guests eat spicy, daredevil cuisine, such as extreme hot wings. Let guests explore cars from the 1950s at the museum or car show at their leisure, or stage drag races on the go kart or race car tracks.

Hand Jiving Dance Competition

Perhaps the simplest party to stage for a large event is a recreation of Rydell High's school dance competition. In the film, Danny and Sandy attend the school dance which is being aired on television as a live dance competition, during which they dance the "Hand Jive."

Hire a DJ and rent an event space with a large dance floor. Encourage guests to come dressed in '50s attire and decorate the space with jukeboxes and vinyl records. Ask the DJ to play strictly music from the 1950s, interspersed with songs from "Grease." Bring in a dance instructor to teach guests how to do the "Hand Jive," along with other popular dances from the '50s. Select a few judges to hand out awards for the best dancers, the worst dancers and the zaniest dancers.

End of School Carnival

Having broken up at the drive-in, Sandy and Danny reunite at the end-of-the-year school carnival. To impress one another, Danny sheds his bad boy image to become a school jock and Sandy abandons her good girl image by smoking cigarettes and dressing in tight black.

Throw an elaborate party based on the scene by renting an array of carnival games, rides and food booths. Ensure the carnival has a "Grease" theme by staging a costume competition for the best bad Sandy, good Sandy, bad Danny and good Danny, along with other characters in the film. Also incorporate a karaoke stage where attendees can engage in sing-offs as they perform songs from the musical.

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