Husqvarna L65 Engine Information

Updated February 21, 2017

The Husqvarna Group, headquartered in Huskvarna, Sweden, specialises in both consumer and commercial power equipment, including lawnmowers, chainsaws and trimmers. It produced the consumer Model L65 chainsaw, which was first introduced in 1974. Always take precautions when operating a chainsaw, including wearing protective gloves and goggles. Check your machine for loose or damaged parts before starting up the chainsaw's engine.

Engine Specs

The Model L65 chainsaw had a one-cylinder engine with a four-cubic-inch displacement. Engine displacement refers to how much volume the pistons can move through the engine in a single action. The engine horsepower is 2.8 Kilowatts, and it uses a piston-ported intake method.

Cylinder Information

The engine bore (cylinder diameter) of this engine is 1.89 inches, and the engine stroke is 1.42 inches. The engine stroke refers to the total length that the pistons can travel within the engine. The cylinder is made of chrome-plated aluminium.


The fuel tank holds up to 669gr. of fuel, and you need to use a 40 to 1 mixture of regular octane gas and two-cycle mix oil. It comes with an automatic oil pump.

Other Specs

The Model L65 comes with a direct drive transmission and a centrifugal clutch, and it also uses a Bosch KB1 flywheel. The chainsaw is made of die cast magnesium, and it uses a nylon mesh air filter. It features Husqvarna automatic rewind starter and a Champion CJ7Y spark plug, and it also has a Tillotson HS-123A series carburettor. The guide bar is a maximum of 2 feet, which is the bar to which you attach your cutting chain. The smallest guide bar that you can purchase is 1 foot 3 inches long. This is a one-person operation chainsaw, and it weighs 8.48kg. with an 18-inch bar and chain.

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