25th wedding anniversary invitation ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

When planning a party for two loved ones who are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, you want to make sure that every detail of the party is plotted out perfectly. An invitation to a 25th wedding anniversary party does not just have to be a card listing the time and date of the event. There are many ways you can make your invitations much more memorable and help them set the mood for the theme of the party.

Formal Invitation

Make your invitation reflect the tone of a more formal occasion by altering the wording of the invitation and writing in cursive. However, it is also important to make sure the font is legible. Instead of:

"Bob and Diana Jackson's 25th wedding anniversary,

May 9 at 7 p.m. at Ruth Jackson's House"


"The pleasure of your company is cordially requested at the twenty-fifth wedding celebration of Robert and Diana Jackson on Saturday the ninth of May at seven o'clock in the evening at the home of Ruth Jackson."

This sets the tone for a formal affair and is more pleasurable to read.

Love Poetry

For a close, intimate affair with friends, make the invitation a little more personal and relevant to the love that the two guests of honour share. Including a short poem about love in the invitation will help establish the seriousness of the couple's love. At the top of the invitation, write a short poem and include instructions about when and where the party will be happening. Make sure the poem is not too long; otherwise, the invitation recipients will simply skip over it.

Personalised Invitations

If only a small group of people are invited, personalise the invitations so that they suit each invitee. Write a brief inside joke on the invitation or something that only that person would truly understand. However, do not attempt to do this with larger parties, as it will be difficult to think of personal messages for each invitee. Be light with these invitations and let the guests know that you truly want them there because of the roles that they have played in the lives of the guests of honour.

Use a Photo

Take a picture from the couple's wedding and have it made into anniversary party invitations. This is a creative way to remind the guests about the day the couple got married. If the couple did not know the guests when they got married, it will give those guests an idea of what the day was like. Using a photo is helps personalise the invitations and makes them reflect the wedding that the anniversary is celebrating.

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