Preschool Birthday Bulletin Board Ideas for Toddlers

Updated February 21, 2017

When you are making a birthday notice board for toddlers, it is important to choose a design that will be attention-getting and accessible for young children. In a preschool class, a notice board can help kids get to know each other and serves as an educational tool for the rest of the group.

Class Birthdays

If you want to celebrate the birthdays of your preschool class, make a notice board that includes everyone at once. For each child, make a shape that coincides with the month of their birth. Choose shapes that are easily recognisable for small children: a Christmas tree for December, a maple leaf for fall months or a flower for the spring. If you have been teaching basic shapes, you can incorporate them into the board as well. Cut each shape out of brightly-coloured construction paper and write each child's name and birthday; kids can take their shape home at the end of class.


To help toddlers get acquainted with the concept of calendars, make a notice board that plots out the birthdays for each month. Use a bright, colourful background and make the calendar overlay by using markers or strips of coloured electrical tape. On each birthday, place a photo of the child in the appropriate square; this allows small children to recognise the child when they cannot read yet. The notice board can be used as a learning tool for the days of the week, numbers, dates, or months.

Balloon Bouquet

When your toddlers are learning their colours, you can make a notice board that acts as a visual aid and celebrates your students. Get a bunch of solid-coloured, flat helium balloons and arrange them on the board so they look like a bouquet of balloons; add ribbon strings to the bottom and gather them into a bunch. On each balloon, write the name and birthday of one student, using photos to help kids match names and faces. Toddlers will enjoy the three-dimensional nature of the boards and can point to the balloons in the colours they recognise.

Get to Know You

Design a birthday notice board that features an individual student to help the class get to know each other. Make a background that includes a space for a student's picture and a slot for their name, age and favourite things. Cut various shapes out of construction paper to serve as representations of the things toddlers might like: toys, certain foods, family or pets, for example. When a new birthday rolls around, put up the student's name, photo and age, and have them pick out their favourite things to put up on the board.

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