Ideas for fresh flower arrangements on a wedding cake

Updated February 21, 2017

The wedding cake is a major part of the wedding reception and celebration. There are a wide range of wedding cake design options, among which is the use of fresh flowers on the cake. Fresh flowers are ornamental and add an elegant touch to the cake's decor for both an informal and formal wedding reception.

Topped in Flowers

Wedding cakes can feature flower toppings, or fresh flowers displayed only on the top of the cake. The flowers can be arranged in any preferred way, though usually only the tops of the flowers are used, not the stems, and then placed on the top layer of cake. This fresh flower design often replaces the wedding cake topper.

Flower Petals Cake

To evoke a simple and romantic feeling, decorate the cake with flower petals rather than full flower blooms. Remove the petals from your desired flowers, such as roses, and make a pile of the petals. Then sprinkle the petals over the cake's layers, allowing them to pool and fall in random patterns. If desired, a flower topper can be added to the cake or you can use only the petals as decor; the choice is yours.

Cascading Flowers

Cascading flower designs for the wedding cake start on the cake's top layer with a flower topper and then feature flowers cascading or falling over the cake's sides and down its entire length. The size of the arrangement can either lessen as it moves down the cake or you can add a second display of flowers at the bottom of the cake that matches the flowers used on top, creating a waterfall effect.

Ringed in Flowers

Flowers do not need to start at the cake's top and work downward. Instead, fresh flowers can be placed around the cake in decorative rings connected by strings of pearls or frosting made to look like pearls. Alternatively, line the base of the cake with a ring of flowers and use flowers to accent each tier of the cake, forming gradually smaller rings of flowers. Top the cake with either a fresh flower topper or with any other preferred topper decoration.

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