Decorating Ideas for Wedding Pillars

Updated July 12, 2018

You love your reception hall, except for those enormous pillars right in the middle of the room. Maybe you love the pillars, but just don't know what to do with them. Don't ignore these columns while you're planning your reception. Pillars can make your reception look grand, and decorating them can create a major visual statement. You might even rent small pillars to set up on either side of your altar.


Sparkling green garland will make any reception feel like a winter wonderland. Wrap white twinkle lights around the garland before attaching it to the pillar. This will keep the lights from slipping down once they're on the pillar. Attach the top of the lighted garland to the top of the pillar using string, then wrap the garland around and around the column, leaving about a foot between the loops. If the wedding is being held near Christmas, tuck some cranberries into the garland.


Use free-standing pillars as flower stands. Arrange flowers in a short vase and place them on top of the pillar. The bouquet should be wider than the pillar or it will look out of place. Apply some double-sided tape to the bottom of the vase. If someone knocks into the pillar, the tape will help keep the flowers from falling. If your pillars are tall, ask your florist to create a garland of flower blooms to wind around the entire pillar.


Covering your pillars in fabric can add an instant burst of colour to your reception. Fabric can also hide any unsightly pillars that may not fit your colour scheme. Wind strips of fabric around each pillar. To let some of the pillar show, use thin strips and leave space in between each loop. Wind a second strip of another shade of fabric around for more visual interest. To cover the pillar, use wider strips and overlap each loop of fabric. Use silk or satin, since plain cotton fabric can look cheap.


Use pillars as a display area for mementos of your relationship. Wind a length of string around the pillar, then attach paper clips, clothespins or metal clips. Clip on pictures of the two of you, concert tickets, matchbooks, or any other sentimental items from your relationship. You might also set up a table with slips of paper and markers nearby. Invite guests to write messages to you, then clip their messages onto the pillar.

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