Golden Wedding Card Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Wedding invitations set the tone and style for your entire event. If you are looking to set gold as one of your colours, a golden invitation will put the colour forward from the beginning. There are different ways you can utilise gold on the invitation, which will help convey the theme and formality of your wedding. Wedding cards can also be used to show people to their seats at the reception or as part of the thank you process after the wedding. You can even use gold for a 50th wedding anniversary.

Elegant Invitations

If you are planning an elegant, evening affair, a black and gold colour scheme can help get across the idea. The exterior of the invitation should be as streamlined as you expect the wedding to be. It can be a simple gold monogram on black paper or vice versa. Another way to add gold to this combination is to make the RSVP card gold, as a nice contrast to the black envelope.

Outdoor Invitations

Outdoor weddings can be represented by outdoorsy decorations. Use leaves, twigs and mountain imagery to illustrate the outdoor focus of the wedding. Tie a gold leaf to the invitation to add beauty while staying with the theme. Embossed golden mountains or trees can add a bit of depth to the wording on the announcement.

Golden Place Cards

Golden place cards can add an elegant effect to the tables at the reception. To add gold to a place card, you can use gold as the background colour or place gold foil on the card. You can work the gold into the writing of the names. You might also make the holder of the card gold, either as a small gold pine cone, golden-coloured rocks or a small decorative box. Gold bell cardholders can serve a dual purpose, as the bells can be rang to get the couple to kiss during the reception.

Golden Wedding Anniversaries

Some people use golden wedding cards as part of a 50th wedding anniversary celebration. If you are looking to make an invitation for such an anniversary, one fun way to build the card is to use a wedding photo of the couple. You can lay this on a golden background to represent the "golden" anniversary. On the inside of the card, put all of the information and include a more recent photo of the couple. This showcases the transition from youth to adulthood. Other people choose to put a photo of the whole family on the inside, including grandkids and great grandchildren. Alternatively, you can wait and use that photo for the thank you cards sent out after the anniversary party. You can even take the photo at the party itself.

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