38th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Monumental anniversary years such as the twenty-fifth and fiftieth are easier to find gift suggestions for because they are benchmark years. That being said, you have several options to choose from when shopping for your thirty-eighth wedding anniversary. There are a number of gift ideas associated with this anniversary year, including gifts made of tourmaline and beryl.


Beryl is a gemstone that has been used since biblical times. Beryl is actually a term for a group of gemstones that includes green beryl, or emerald; and blue beryl, or aquamarine. With two colours to choose from, you can select jewellery that your partner will like. You can also get jewellery with both colours; consider a two-stone ring with both gemstones. Some other ideas include earrings, cuff links, a watch, necklace or bracelet.


Tourmaline is a semi-precious crystal that is available in a variety of colours, including yellow, brown, black, rose, green and clear. Black is the most commonly seen colour. Jewellery such as a tourmaline ring or earrings in a shade your partner likes is a good gift idea. A raw stone makes a nice gift for someone who likes science or nature. You may also consider a decorative item made of tourmaline, such as a set of tourmaline bookends.

Flowers and Plants

Flowers are a common gift choice for any anniversary, either alone or accompanying another gift. There is no set flower associated with the thirty-eighth wedding anniversary, so you can choose a flower your spouse likes. Common flowers used to celebrate an anniversary include roses, orchids, lilacs and tulips. If your partner has a green fingers you may consider giving her something living, such as a plant, tree, shrub or flowers that are not cut and can be planted in a garden.


Photo gifts are good for a thirty-eighth anniversary because that many years into a relationship there is bound to be an array of photos to choose from. You can select your favourite photo of the two of you and frame it. The frame can be part of the gift if you buy a keepsake frame made of wood, silver or crystal. A frame that is inscribed with something romantic or personalised with names or dates adds sentimental value to the gift. You may also consider giving a photo collage or scrapbook of your relationship through the years.

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