Questions for a Bridal Trivia Game

Written by kylie lemon
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Questions for a Bridal Trivia Game
Bridal shower trivia games reveal a little about the future bride. (bride image by cherie from

A bridal shower doesn't have to be a run-of-the mill party, where people who don't necessarily know each other sit around awkwardly and watch gifts being opened. Bridal trivia games can be effective icebreakers, make the shower an interactive experience and serve as a way for guests to get to know more about the couple. You can decide on questions for the trivia game based on a theme.

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Getting to Know the Couple Quiz

A trivia game designed to test how well the guests really know both the bride and groom can be competitive and fun. Remember that some guests may be better acquainted with the bride, while others may only know the couple through the groom. To make the game interesting and fair, have questions that relate equally to the bride and groom and to their life as a couple. Hand out papers with the questions written on them and have guests fill in the answers. Once they're done have them swap papers with someone they don't know or with the person sitting next to them. The quiz is marked as the organiser reads out the correct answers. Have prizes ready for those who score highest. Types of questions can include where the couple met, where they went for their first date, how he proposed and how long they've been together. Try not to ask any questions that may make the bride uncomfortable -- after all, this is a party in her honour and she should be made to feel special.

Multiple Choice Questions

Design a trivia game that centres around the bride and groom that makes use of multiple choice questions. Multiple choice questions work best when the guests are not that familiar with both groom and bride. Keep it lighthearted and make some of the choices quite obviously wrong -- and funny. For example, if the couple are sporty and athletic, an example might be: Did they meet at a: a) Party, b) Football Game, c) Hiking, d) Couch Potatoes Anonymous. For anyone who knows the sporty couple, the last option is obviously wrong and amusing because it's truly the last place where they would have met.

Bride's Childhood Trivia

Take the bride back in time and set up questions about her childhood. This will be fun if there are many family members and old friends present. It will also be interesting for those who met the bride later on in life. You can include a variety of questions. Where did she grow up? What was the name of her first pet? Who did she have a crush on in high school? Who was her favourite teacher? What were her first words? What foods did she refuse to eat? Don't be afraid to ask the bride for some information beforehand to get as many interesting facts as possible.

Future Quiz

Design a set of questions that are set in the future and that no one has the true answer to -- unless, of course, they have psychic abilities. The types of questions can range from how many children will they have to what will their first married argument be about. You could have questions about what they will name their children, how they will spend their wedding gift money, which of them will do the cooking and who will do most of the laundry. The guests can answer these questions on printed forms and the bride gets to read them out -- she decides who's the winner based on either the funniest responses or what she deems to be the most accurate.

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