Cheap food ideas for a baby shower

Updated April 17, 2017

The costs associated with a baby shower can quickly add up. Food, invitations, venue and games can cost a mom-to-be plenty of cash. You can throw a lavish and fun baby shower without breaking the bank by changing up the traditional menu. Save money on your baby shower food so you can spend more on prizes, decor and the baby.

Pot Luck

Instead of the new mommy slaving over the stove for her own baby shower, ask guests to bring a dish. Include a short note on the invitation requesting each guest to bring a signature dish or dessert to the party. You can incorporate an "around the world" theme by making sure each guest brings food native to her ethnicity. If you rather not require guests make the food for your shower, you can enlist the help of a specific guest or two that knows her way around the kitchen. Ask if she will prepare the food for your shower as her gift.


If your baby shower takes place in the spring or summer you can celebrate with an old fashioned cookout. Not only will you save on the cost of food but also on venue as you can host the soirée in your own backyard or local park. Invite your baby's father to cook for the ladies so you don't have to and so he can still be a part of the festivities. Serve traditional barbecue food like hamburgers, macaroni salad and grilled vegetables. Put extra care into the condiments for a touch of class. Serve cranberry mayonnaise instead of the regular jar or a variety of unique sauce flavours served in attractive dishes.

Afternoon Tea

If you negotiate the time of day you hold your party you can save plenty of money on food. Instead of hosting your baby shower at breakfast of lunch time, set the time for after lunch but before dinner. Between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. most people usually just snack as breakfast and lunch have passed and dinner is on the way. A shower at this time means you only need to serve light snacks and hors d'oeuvres rather than a full meal. Serve items such as fresh fruit and vegetables, finger sandwiches, bruschetta and cocktail wieners. Create an afternoon tea setting and invest in a few unique tea blends for your guests to try like chai, green and wild flower.

Soup and Salad Bar

If your baby shower falls during the autumn or winter months, serve food to warm your guests' taste buds. Serve a light lunch to your guests with a soup and salad bar. Choose from a wide variety of soup flavours to satisfy everyone's tastes. Include beef, chicken and vegetable based soups. You can either purchase the soups or make your own for an even cheaper bill. You can also make various types of salad rather than the traditional leafy greens. Include potato salad, taco salad, Cobb salad and coleslaw for variety while still keeping the costs low.

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