Aries Star Sign Characteristics

Updated November 21, 2016

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Aries is a fire sign and uses a ram as its symbol. The timeline of Aries is March 21 to April 20. As with all zodiac signs, people born under Aries have both good and bad traits: they get along with some signs better than others and they have a better chance at succeeding at certain careers. Aries people are connected to the colour red; their birthstone is the diamond; their lucky day is Tuesday; their lucky number is nine; and their ruling planet is Mars.

Best Traits

Positive characteristics of the Aries sign include intelligence, confidence and ambition. Aries people are known to be fun and enthusiastic about the things they do. These rams are often self-driven and this makes them born leaders. Their charisma and charm also make them people who are often followed by others. Aries will not lack friends; their magnetic personality attracts many people to them.

Worst Traits

Negative characteristics of the Aries are impatience and recklessness. Because of their confidence and natural ability to lead, Aries are sometimes seen as bossy. Aries are also competitive and this can make them come off as being self-centered. They really do want their whole team to win, but those who get left in the dust find this to be more of a negative trait.

Career Considerations

The best careers for Aries are leadership roles. Because of the Aries characteristic of being confident and a natural born leader, they make great choices for roles as teachers and coaches. As leaders of children the Aries person can shape confident youth. Supervisory and management positions are also good for them, though their negative bossy characteristic may come out causing conflict with other workers who may be of the signs Scorpio, Capricorn or Cancer; these signs are ones that do not get along with Aries well.

Most Compatible Signs

Aries will most likely find love with Sagittarius, Leo, Gemini, Aquarius or Libra. Although they can sometimes be self-centered, another characteristic of the Aries person is a love for being in love. Aries people are said to fall in love both hard and fast. Best friends for Aries are Pisces and Taurus, which are both also fire signs.

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