Kids birthday party ideas for the park

Create a magical birthday party for children using the park as the party foundation. Having a birthday party at a park allows easy cleanup, space for children to run and a relaxed atmosphere for adults. Call your city hall to inquire about park rentals in your area. Depending on your area and county, park rentals may require a fee such as a non-refundable deposit.

Sports Theme Party

Throw a sports theme party at the park for children of any age. Create an Olympics theme for older children or simple sports for younger children. Games can include a bean bag toss, hula hoop contest and water balloon toss. Create relays for children to compete against each other that include a baton run, basketball contest, long jump or all three. Have a prize bucket with small gifts for each participant. Purchase a T-shirt for each child, available at the dollar store, and have them decorate the shirt with fabric paint displaying their names and favourite number. Offer cupcakes in the shape of baseballs, basketballs and soccer balls for dessert along with water or a sports drink.

Construction Party

Locate a park that offers access to a sand volleyball pit or sandy beach area. Bring several shovels, pails, toy trucks and diggers, and ride-on construction toys if you have them along with large, cardboard bricks for the children to play in the sand with and construct items. Create a game area with two sets of tool belts, aprons and goggles. Set up two lines with the children and have them race to put the items on and take them off, with the first team to complete the relay winning a prize. Purchase hard hats for each child, found at a dollar store, and have each child colour, paint or write on their own hat. The hats can serve as party favours. Serve cake or cupcakes with a construction theme and juice. This party is best suited for children ages 18 months to 6 years.

Garden Party

Reserve a park with a covered area and decorate the area with streamers and flowers in pastel colours -- green, pink, yellow and purple. Cover tables with coordinating tablecloths and place a small vase of fresh flowers on each table. Set up a station that includes small clay flowerpots, acrylic paint, jelly beans and silk flowers and have each child paint a flowerpot, fill it with jelly beans and stick the flower in the centre. The children will take the flowerpot home. Create a hide and seek game with flowers and a stuffed bunny rabbit -- hide a bunny somewhere around the party area and have the children try to find it. The first one to find the animal wins a prize. Other games include pass the seed packet, where the children sit in a circle and pass around a flower seed packet to music, stop the music and the one holding the seeds wins, and pin the bee on the flower, with a flower and bee cut out from construction paper and played like pin the tail on the donkey.

Lady Bird Theme

Decorate a pavilion with red streamers and place cut-out ladybirds around the area. Have each child make a ladybug antennae as a party favour by giving them a red headband, two black pipe cleaners and red styrofoam balls. The children can glue the pipe cleaners on the headband with tacky glue or they can wrap the pipe cleaners around the headband and poke the opposite end of the pipe cleaner through each red styrofoam ball. Have the children play musical chairs, hunt for ladybirds and a bean bag toss. The bean bag toss can include a large green leaf cut from a piece of green poster board where red bean bags are tossed onto the leaf. Serve the children ladybug cupcakes and juice.

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