Sweet birthday ideas for a boyfriend

Updated March 30, 2017

There are many different ideas that you can use to make your boyfriend a loving birthday gift. A gift that shows your love and care will allow your boyfriend to think of you every time he enjoys his gift.

Love Token Box

A love token is a poem with loving and romantic words that tell your boyfriend how much you love him. This love token can be wrapped in a romantic pouch with petals of roses attached to it. You can also incorporate a love poem photo album into the love token box. You can make a photo album that has romantic poems on the cover. You can write special romantic poems underneath each photo of you and your boyfriend together. This is a special gift that will remind him of you and your love you have every time he looks at it.

Sweet's Box

A sweet's box is adorned with a variety of your boyfriend's favourite candies, bakery sweets and other small romantic trinkets you can add to the box. If your boyfriend is a fan of chocolate, you can add a variety of chocolate candies, cookies and other chocolate bakery sweets.

Special Location

Taking your boyfriend to a favourite location you share is a romantic idea. You can call to set up reservations at a special hotel and spend time relaxing together. You can take a relaxing walk together, find a special place to sit and talk or lay together in bed at your special place. You can arrange for a nice romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Be His Genie For The Day

A special treat that you can give your boyfriend on his birthday is to be his genie. This involves doing anything that your boyfriend asks of you, within reason. There are many fun things you can do for your boyfriend such as cooking his favourite meal on command, giving him a massage, feeding him grapes or whatever intimate fantasy he may desire as long as you are comfortable with it. This special birthday gift is one that allows the two of you to be intimate and open with one another.

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