Ancient Egyptian Costumes for Kids

Written by guy gardner | 13/05/2017
Ancient Egyptian Costumes for Kids
Design ancient Egyptian costumes for your kids. (pyramid image by christine dedman from

Ancient Egypt is a land of myth and legend. One of the oldest civilisations in history, the ancient Egyptians are known for mummifying their leaders, the pharaohs, as well as for the construction of the pyramids and the sphinx, which are still standing today. If your children are interested in Egypt, there are a number of ancient Egyptian costumes they can dress in for Halloween.

King Tut

Cut out a King Tut mask from a piece of cardboard and paint it using gold and green paint. Use a black marker to add details. Cut out small cardboard rectangles for bracelets and paint them gold. Cut out a shoulder and breast plate from the cardboard and cut a circle in the middle that is large enough for your child's head to fit through. Tie an elastic waistband to the back of the mask and cut out two holes for the eyes. Have your child wear black trousers and a sweater with these items.


Cut out a sphinx mask from a piece of cardboard and paint it using gold and green paint. Use a black marker to add details. The sphinx has the head of a human, and is decorated like a pharaoh. You can decorate it the same way as you would a King Tut mask. Have the child wear brown sweatpants and sweater. Cut out a 3-inch-wide by 2-foot-long piece of brown felt; sew this tail onto the back of the sweatpants. Have your child wear brown mittens for paws.


Cut long strips of white cotton cloth. Have your child wear white trousers, a white sweater and white gloves or mittens. Wrap the cotton strips around his body, carefully covering every inch. Secure the cloth with safety pins.


Sew a headband using gold felt and thread and needle. Attach plastic fake jewels to the felt using a glue gun. Have your child wear a black or dark-coloured robe, or fashion one out of black cloth. Decorate the robe's seams using gold fabric paint.

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