Baby Handprint Tattoo Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Using your baby's handprint as the base for your tattoo can be a wonderful way to celebrate your children's lives, mark a change in your life or serve as a memorial. In Native American culture, handprints traditionally symbolised a human's life, marked achievements or left a legacy. Play with colour, spacing, themes and names for your tattoo design. Placement can also add dimension and meaning to your overall design.


Traditional colours for little girls is pink and for boys is blue. Play with colour applications for your design by outlining your tattoo in these traditional colours or try some nontraditional colours such as green, yellow or orange. Fill your handprint in totally or use an outline and leave the inside of the handprint blank. Use several colours by adding a background heart with the handprint inside the heart.


Experiment with the spacing and placement of your handprints. Trace a copy of the handprint onto traced thin plastic. Apply body lotion or body oil to your skin. Transfer the traced handprint to your skin. Allow to dry completely. Trace the outline of the foot with a ballpoint pen. Leave the tracing on for two to three days to see if you like the placement. Try at least three different placements on your body to decide which place you like better. Play with spacing of the handprints if you are utilising more than one. Place one handprint on each arm, leg or shoulder. Try one handprint on each side of your chest if using more than one.


Use your handprint as a part of a larger or smaller tattoo. Place your handprint on top of a heart design. Surround the handprint with items that the child likes. Design a favourite doll or stuffed animal that the child likes holding the handprint. Consider how you might incorporate several handprints should you have more children to add.

Names and Dates

Incorporate names to either side of the handprint. Place the date the child was born on another side. Write the names and dates inside of the actual footprint. Experiment with line embellishments to make the names stand out. Design a tattoo with the handprint that surround a poem you have written or found. Shrink the actual handprint down a few sizes to leave room for names and dates. Make a chain of names and dates around your arm or ankle with the handprints separating each name. Include the child's, the mother's and the father's name.

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