Bulletin Board Ideas For Preschool Two Year Olds

Updated November 21, 2016

Preschool notice boards for two-year-old children express the joys and adventure that this age brings. Two-year-old children are learning new skills as they graduate from toddlers into big kids. Some children in this age group are learning basic letters, numbers and shapes along with simple concepts about the world around them. Ask the kids to get involved in the decorating process and feature artwork they create on the board.

ABC Theme

Many two-year-old children are just beginning to learn letters of the alphabet. Some two-year-olds may know the entire alphabet while other children only know the first few letters. Create a notice board that features the entire alphabet. Use blue poster board paper as your background and cut out colourful letters. Place an animal or object next to each letter. For instance, place an antelope next to the letter "A" and a rabbit next to the letter "R."

Farm Animal Sounds

Two-year-old preschooler's are also learning about farm animals. Make a notice board that features farm animals along with words that express the sounds they make. Decorate the background of the board with a barn along with bales of hay, a tractor and other farm equipment. Make farm animals out of paper and place these on the board along with words for their sounds. For instance, "moo" would go next to cow and "baa" would go next to sheep. You can also put the names of the animals on top or directly underneath each animal.


Two-year-old preschool students are also learning how to count from one to 10. Some students may only know how to count to 1-2-3 while others know how to count to 10 or higher. Create a board that has numbers 1 to 10 at the top. Place 10 other objects on the board as well that include things that small children are interested in such as a truck, kitten, puppy, ball or other toys. Ask the kids to count how many objects are on the board.

Eyes, Fingers, Ears and Toes

Make a notice board that teaches two-year-olds about some of the most noticed body parts such as eyes, fingers, ears and toes. Make a display that features a child pointing to his eyes and place a heading at the top of the picture that says eyes. Do the same thing for all the other body parts. This is a simple concept, but two-year-old children really enjoy it.

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