Betty Boop Baby Shower Themes

Written by kathy gleason | 13/05/2017

For fans of Betty Boop, a Betty Boop baby-themed baby shower is a fun idea. Although it is possible to throw a baby shower with this theme, it will necessitate being a little more creative, as Betty Boop baby shower supplies are often harder to find than traditional baby shower themes, such as babies or animals. You may have to use regular Betty Boop party supplies.


To decorate for a Betty Boop baby shower, use Betty Boop-themed paper plates and napkins. It's also possible to purchase disposable cameras with pictures of Betty Boop on the outside. These can be placed at different tables so guests can take pictures during the party. Afterward, the person throwing the party can have the pictures developed and arrange them into a photo album as a gift for the expectant mom. It's also possible to find small bags with a Betty Boop image on them to use as goody bags for guests of the baby shower. Check local party supply stores for these items or shop for them online.


Order Betty Boop baby shower invitations online, as they may be hard to find in stores. You can also improvise by buying regular cards that have a Betty Boop theme and filling them out with all the baby shower information by hand.

Baby Shower Cake

Getting a Betty Boop baby shower cake will probably be the easiest part of the planning, as many bakeries can put any image desired onto a cake. Creative cake decorators can easily make an image of Betty Boop appear pregnant in keeping with the theme of the party.

Betty Boop Gifts

If the mother-to-be is planning a Betty Boop theme for her baby's room, guests can help decorate by bringing gifts that will complement this theme. For example, baby gifts in a red, white and black colour scheme, Betty Boop figurines for the dressers or shelves, or pictures and posters for the wall. For crafty types, it's also possible to sew a small blanket for the baby from Betty Boop-themed fabric.

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