LEGO Storage Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

When a child owns LEGO blocks, the task of sorting and storing them can seem overwhelming. Even for adult LEGO fans, the tiny little bricks sometimes appear to multiply, causing chaos wherever they go. If you have a LEGO problem, it's time to find the storage solution that works for your home and your LEGO-building needs.

Bag It Up

If you have several LEGO sets to go with different themes, you may want to store them together so you don't lose the pieces and the instructions for building each set. To do this, store each individual set in a plastic bag or a cloth bag with a zippered top. Label the outside of the bag with which set it holds, such as "Ocean Speeder" or "Fire Truck." Then include all the pieces for that set as well as the building instructions inside the bag. When you want to assemble a set, all the pieces will be there. The positive side of this storage solution is that you can keep all the pieces for one particular LEGO set together; the downside is that it will be harder to mix and match general LEGO pieces this way.

Table It

You can buy a LEGO table at children's toy outlets. These tables usually come with a top that is made of LEGO pieces, so you can build directly on them. Then they also contain drawers or compartments for storing LEGOs inside the table. If you cannot find a table like this, simply build your own. Find an old coffee table or desk with plenty of drawers or shelves. Glue LEGO mat pieces to the top of the work surface and then fill the drawers or shelves with small containers or boxes of LEGO pieces. This type of organisation lets you build and store all in one place, which can be convenient. The downside is that the LEGO storage is always accessible to your child, which you may want to avoid if he loses pieces often or if you want to limit his LEGO play time.

See a Solution

Clear plastic containers and drawers work well for LEGO storage because you can easily see what pieces you have available to you. Purchase the small drawers that you would find in an office supply section of a store, normally intended to store items like paper clips or envelopes. Arrange several of these together on a play table or a shelf and put LEGOs of different types in them. If you have larger LEGO bricks or sets, bigger clear storage drawers might work better. For a twist on this idea, use plastic storage boxes -- about the size of shoe boxes -- with lids to store your LEGO pieces. Put the boxes on a shelf and bring them down when it is time to play. The positive end of this solution is that you can see your LEGOs without digging through them; the downside is that you have to find the space for all those drawers and boxes, and sometimes they aren't entirely see-through.

Grouping and Gathering

Whatever type of container you use to store your LEGO toys, you also need to consider how to use that container to the best advantage. Some people like to organise LEGO bricks by colour, while others prefer to organise by size. You may still want to organise by shape, or by type. Don't forget to include space for your LEGO mini-figure people and small parts like LEGO heels and connectors. Experiment with a few different ways of dividing and conquering your LEGO stash before you find the one that is the most convenient for you.

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