Cool & Easy Origami Things You Can Make Out of Paper

Updated July 20, 2017

Origami is a fun, cheap and simple way to entertain children during the holidays or weekends. The amount of things you can create with just colourful paper is almost endless, and children also get to experience the satisfaction gained from completing a design and then being able to display it around their room. Listed below is a selection of things that can be made, and links on how to make all of the suggested origami is in the resource section.

Animal Origami

Origami animals are probably one of the easiest things to make out of paper, which makes it perfect for kids. All you need is paper, stick-on eyes and a marker to draw on facial features. With these tools you can make cats, dogs, pandas, fish or anything else that comes to mind. You can also stick the animal faces to a wooden spoon to make a puppet, or use large paper and turn the origami into a mask.

Usable Origami

To make the end product even more enjoyable, consider making origami that can be worn or used once it is created. Kids love dressing up so why not encourage this by helping them make origami hats, masks, or even earrings? Or for an even simpler task, use your paper to make things such as candy boxes and popcorn cones that you can fill with food once you are done.

Decorative Origami

Holidays make for a great reason to play around with origami as festive paper can be used to create many different decorations for your house. Hearts can be made for Valentines Day, bunnies and egg boxes for Easter, four-leafed clovers for St Patrick's Day and stars and trees for Christmas. Cards are also a great activity because you can make any origami you like and then glue it to the front of a card to send to friends and family.

Traditional Origami

Most people think of cranes and flowers when they think of origami, as these are the two most traditional types made. They are both surprisingly simple to make and look great strung up or sitting around a bedroom. You can even read the story of Sadako to your child to teach them a little about origami legend and the story behind why paper cranes have the notoriety that they do.

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