Ideas for certificates for talent show participants

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether you are organising a talent show for a school, your office or a family reunion, it is important to recognise individuals for participating. For individuals who do not win the top prizes, certificates of participation will acknowledge their talents and congratulate their performance. Creating award certificates for talent show participants does not have to be an elaborate endeavour, but creating unique certificates can require some creativity.

Official Paper Certificate

An official paper certificate of participation should be designed to look like an important document. Display the title of the award, such as "Certificate of Participation," at the top of the certificate in large lettering. Write or print the individual's name on the certificate beneath its title. Similar to that of a diploma, the certificate should have an elegant border and, if possible, the official stamp of the institution awarding it should be located at the bottom of the page. Get the head of the awarding body, such as the school principal, to sign the award to add legitimacy.

Star Certificates

Star certificates are a creative twist on the official paper certificate and emphasise the participants' "star qualities." Cut star shapes out of thick paper, such as card stock. Decorate the star however you like with glitter, coloured markers, stickers, etc. Write the official title of the award, such as "You're A Star!" or "Certificate of Participation in Redbarn School's Got Talent" at the top of the star. Beneath the title, write the individual's name. If possible, have the head of the awarding body sign the bottom of the star to give it legitimacy.

Fruit Certificate

Using fruit as the base of your participation certificates will ensure that all participants at least leave with some sort of sweet reward. Print or write the award information on small sections of paper. This information should include the title of the certificate, the name of the event, the individual's name and, if possible, the signature of the head of the awarding body. Attach the information to a pineapple, apple, mango or any other large fruit using tape or tie it on with string.

Theme Certificates

If the talent show has any sort of theme, the certificates can be designed with that theme in mind. For example, if the talent show is labelled as "Redbarn School's Annual Christmas Talent Show", then certificates should reflect the Christmas theme. Add elements of the theme in the certificate's decorations or in the basic shape of the certificate. For example, cut stocking shapes out of thick paper for Christmas themed talent shows. For a Halloween talent show, certificates can be attached to small pumpkins. If the talent show has a USA theme, attach the certificates to mini American flags.

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