Children's Skeleton Making Activities

Updated April 17, 2017

Celebrate Halloween or Day of the Dead with children's skeleton-making activities and crafts. These skeleton crafts are quick and easy, making them ideal for children of any age. You can make the activities more difficult by asking older children to name or label the different bones or make it easier by assisting small children with the activity.

Pipe Cleaner Skeleton

Using a few simple supplies, kids can make their own skeletons. Cut one white pipe cleaner in half and lay one half down and put the other half to the side. The first half will be the spine of the skeleton. Then, cut a second pipe cleaner so that one part is two thirds of the total length and the other part is one third. Bend the longer piece in half, twisting the middle onto the lower part of the spine. This will become the skeleton legs. Cut a third pipe cleaner the same way as in Step 2. Bend the longer piece in half, twisting the middle of the pipe cleaner onto the top part of the spine. This piece will be shaped into the shoulders and arms of the skeleton. Then, twist one end of a pipe cleaner onto the spine right below where the arms are located. Bend it creating a zigzag pattern to create the ribs. Finally, push a small styrofoam ball onto the top of the spine to create the skull. Draw an eye, nose and mouth with a black Sharpie pen.

Pasta Skeleton

Pasta skeletons are an ideal craft for younger children but can be modified to hold the interest of older kids too. Draw a stick figure skeleton onto a black piece of paper using white chalk. This will give the younger children something to go by. Set out a variety of different types of pasta and dried beans in separated bowls or containers. Wagon wheel pasta is perfect for the skull while long tubes are perfect for other parts. Have children glue pasta to the black paper using a simple white glue. The Enchanted Learning website suggests that children arrange the pasta on the paper before gluing to make sure that there is room for the whole body on the paper. Be sure to allow the pasta skeleton to dry before moving it.

Chalk Skeleton

A chalk skeleton activity is a great way to give children a love of chalk art. Set out black paper and chalk at every child's place setting. Have the kids draw their own versions of a skeleton using the white chalk.

Sweet Skeleton

This skeleton-making activity gives children a sweet snack to look forward to. Give each child a lollipop, white tissue, rubber band and black Sharpie pen. Have each child wrap the white tissue over the lollipop, securing it underneath the candy with the rubber band. Then each kid can draw the skeleton's eyes, nose and mouth onto the white tissue using the black Sharpie.

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