Ruby Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

The 40th wedding anniversary also goes by the name ruby wedding anniversary. Friends, family and spouses give rubies and ruby-themed items as gifts, and a party might have a ruby theme. Considered by some the second milestone anniversary after the 25th, or silver, anniversary, many couples celebrate 40 years of marriage with a party.


Either design your own invitations using a computer program such as Microsoft Publisher, or have a professional design and print them. Include information such as the tine, place, date and number or e-mail address for R.S.V.P. Try including a border around the invitation that ties in with the ruby theme. Specify any dress code you might have, and whether or not guests are to bring anything.


Nasturtiums are red flowers that tend to grow in the cool season. They are also the flowers linked with the ruby wedding anniversary. Nasturtiums make good centrepieces or decorations for a formal ruby wedding anniversary party. Place a simple nasturtium arrangement on each guest table for a sit-down meal or buffet. Place some ruby red-coloured pebbles on the table around the arrangement to tie in with the ruby theme.

Food and Drinks

Offer red-coloured drinks such as red wine or Hawaiian punch. Include a toast to the couple at the beginning of the party using the red drinks in champagne glasses. Offer regular-coloured drinks for the remainder of the party. Think of red foods you can serve to your guests, such as tomato salad (include sliced mozzarella and fresh basil for flavour), steak, red apple pie or strawberries dipped in chocolate. Have a simple cake decorated with nasturtiums or red roses.

Slide Show

Find pictures of you and your spouse, from your wedding day to the present day. Make a slide show of these pictures, and project it onto the wall during dinner for your guests to look at. Alternatively, make a scrapbook with the same pictures and have each guest pick a picture and write a memory he has about you from that time or event. This will be a fun reminder of your anniversary party for years to come, and will make guests really feel like a part of your special day.

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