Ideas for designs for kids' easter bonnets

Updated July 20, 2017

For many, Easter is not complete without a festive Easter bonnet to mark the occasion. To help your child stand out in this year's bonnet parade, here are a few unique and interesting Easter bonnets your child can help create.

Bunny Bonnets

Bunny bonnets are created by cutting coloured cardboard in the shape of bunny ears and decorating them with markers, cotton balls, paint or glitter. Use a different colour cardboard for the inside of the bunny's ears. The bunny look can be completed with whiskers and a cute bunny nose drawn on the wearer's face.

Straw Hat Bonnets

Convert a spare straw hat into an Easter bonnet by adorning it with artificial flowers, streamers, ribbons and bows. Be creative! With a little ingenuity a straw hat bonnet can be a stand out favourite at Easter.

Paper Plate Bonnet

These bonnets are easy to create and can be made by young children. Decorate one side with colourful paper, stickers and paint or markers. Tie the bonnet with a ribbon.

Berry Bonnet

Convert an empty berry basket into a festive Easter bonnet. Paint the basket or cover it in colourful gift wrap or paper. Fill the basket with blown eggs, streamers and other decorations and secure the basket to your child's head with a ribbon.

Cone Bonnet

Decorate a piece of construction paper with crayons, markers, ribbons, paint, glitter, and cut out pictures. Fold paper into a cone shape and tape or staple together. Make sure the bottom is even. Thread a ribbon through two holes to secure the hat in place.

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