What men say and what they really mean

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What men say and what they really mean
What men say and what they really mean (Getty Thinkstock)

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, right? Well, at least that’s what it feels like when it comes to men and women understanding each other. For all the quality time that couples spend together, remaining on the same wavelength can prove to be tough. If you're having trouble understanding what your man is saying then these handy clues may disclose what’s really going on in his head.

Very good friends

If you’re a lady with a few male buddies then chances are you’ll hear your man utter the phrase “well you two seem like very good friends.” To you, this may seem like a nice comment about a healthy relationship. However, to him, those words are most likely probing with all sorts of questions from “you’ve slept with him before, haven’t you?” and “you’re getting on so well, do you fancy him?” to the likes of “can’t you see he wants to be more than just friends?” The best thing you can do is sort his ego out by highlighting a flaw in your friend and reassuring him that he's number one.

Your friend is hilarious

Men aren’t the only ones who are worried about infidelity. Women are just as bad. If you hear your man say “Your friend is hilarious, she’s such a funny person” this does not automatically mean he is saying that he fancies her. Unfortunately, being too nice about each other's friends can go way past the compliment phase and into uncharted territory full of suspicion, sexual tension, and jealousy. Remember, it’s just a compliment; he is just being nice and probably doesn’t want to sleep with your friend.

Eating it all

Men are known for their “man-like” hunger so don’t be surprised if from time to time your man asks you the question “are you eating all of that?” Now, this question can cause absolute chaos because women usually see it as their man saying “you’re fat enough already, stop eating”. Of course, the truth is often much less sinister. In fact, what your man is likely saying is “my meal didn’t fill me up, I’m still extremely hungry, let me eat your food too.” This phrase has been the start of many arguments, so don’t jump to conclusions before taking your guy’s hunger into account.

Didn't mean that

Quite often, guys can say the wrong thing at the wrong time. It's a kind of "man-thing" that just happens and usually causes beloved partners to erupt in a fit of negative emotions fueled by rage. So, how do men strategically get around this dilemma? It's simple; by saying "I didn't mean that." Of course, all that really means is "I did mean that, however, now I see what I said made you mad, I'll completely take everything back in the hope that you'll calm down." Either that, or guys don't mean a lot of things.

We'll talk later

Most men don't like talking about their relationships at the best of times, even to their closest friends. After all, bottling up feelings and putting on a macho exterior is the healthy way to be a proper man. So, if you ever catch your man saying "we'll talk later," that probably isn't true. Secretly, he's hoping that you forget what you wanted to talk about and will somehow manage to avoid the touchy subject altogether. This tactic must work at least some of the time, as men just love using that phrase.

Crazy ex-girlfriend

Most men and women want an easy ride in relationships, and nothing can cause more turbulence than bringing up the subject of ex-girlfriends and boyfriends. If your man has ever used the phrase “my ex-girlfriend is crazy” then he’s probably trying to soften the blow of talking about previous partners. Either that, or there are a lot of crazy people on this planet (could be true). Anyway, the chances are his ex-girlfriend really isn’t crazy; he just doesn’t want you to worry about her. Or, she may not have been crazy until he dumped her suddenly and she then proceeded to burn all his belongings. You’re just going to have to work out the answer to that one by yourself.

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