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The cartoon 'ThunderCats' remains an all-time favourite for the generation who grew up in the 80s. Following the adventures of ThunderCats called Lion-O, Cheetara, Tygra, and Panthro, the cartoon was a huge hit and continues to have something of a cult-following. It's recently enjoyed a resurgence of popularity with DVD releases and a new animated series two years ago. Best-loved of all are the costumes from the ThunderCats -- an inspired collection of exotic prints and big hair. If you're heading to a Halloween party or a themed night out, dress up as your favourite ThunderCats character to relive nostalgia from the 80s.


To transform yourself into Lion-O for a night you will need a range of blue items. Wear a pale blue spandex suit or leotard with light blue tights, and blue knee-high boots or blue shoes with knee-high socks. The ThunderCats logo is a vital part of the costume, so recreate one from cardboard and staple it to a blue sash to form a belt. Add a toy sword or a cardboard alternative for a "weapon", and wear a sparkling gold glove on your left hand. Have fun using face-paint or make up and cover your face in a light skin-tone. Accentuate several areas of your face in a dark bronzer. Upstyle your hair or wear a bright-orange wig to recreate the renowned wild Lion-O style.


Cheetara's main colour was orange. Wear pale orange tights, a bright orange leotard, and knee-high boots or shoes and long socks to recreate Cheetara's look. Make a ThunderCats logo to wear on the front of the costume near the collar. For a weapon, get an old pole or rod and spray paint it gold with cheetah spots. Copy an image of Cheetara's face to create a diamond-shaped formation of dark orange makeup around the eyes. Add cheetah spots using face-paint or make-up to the shoulders, and add a long blonde wig for effect.


Light blue tights and a dark blue leotard or swimming trunks are perfect for copying Panthro's style. Use the same idea for a ThunderCats belt as that made for Lion-O, and create plastic or paper spikes. Attach them to a pair of braces and wear them over the rest of the costume. Real or plastic nun-chucks should be included for Panthro's weapon. Your whole face should be covered with gey stage makeup, leaving an area around the mouth for white paint. Buy a set of elf ears and paint them grey, and wear these with a grey swimming hat to mimic Panthro's look.


Tygra's outfit is similar to that of Lion-O's, but create the ThunderCats logo for the collar rather than on a belt, like Cheetara's. Paint your face with black stripes to create a tiger effect.

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