Mini Lights for Crafts

Updated February 21, 2017

Mini lights come in a rainbow of choices, from multicoloured to strands of all one colour. These lights are typically used during the holidays for decoration; however, they can be utilised throughout the year for various craft projects. Craft lights are available in short or long strands, with LED or incandescent bulbs, and in either solar- or battery-powered or electric forms. Use mini lights to breathe new life into your crafts.


Older incandescent lights generate heat, so to reduce the risk of fire, use instead newer LED versions. Use LED lights to create a garland by removing the centres of silk flowers and sliding the floral shell over the light bulbs. The garland can be tailored to holidays, such as Christmas or Easter, or made from exotic flowers for a tropical feel. These garlands can be draped along railings or mantels, and even attached to the tops of cabinets in the kitchen. Anything can be used to create a themed garland; consider using seashells or butterflies instead.


Use battery-operated mini lights in a centrepiece for any occasion. Take a wine bottle or other glass container and soak off any label that it had. Insert the strand of battery-operated mini lights into the container and place it on the table; the light shining through the glass will provide a warm glow to any table. Use a coloured wine bottle to tint the light for an added effect. Add a bow or other adornment to the container's neck that matches the theme of the event.

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