How to Flirt With Someone Sitting Beside You

Updated April 17, 2017

Flirting is one of the most basic, yet enjoyable, dating behaviours people perform every day. A simple smile, prolonged eye contact, a heartfelt laugh at a joke, or even friendly teasing are all common forms of flirting. However, flirting can be require a bit more effort when the person you are interested in is sitting right beside you. Whether you are watching a movie together, sitting in class or even taking a ride in a car, successfully flirting in this circumstance takes a bit of creativity.

Use positive body language to show your interest in the person sitting beside you. If you are a girl, run your hand through your hair and brush it away from your date, so that he can get a better look at your face. Uncross your arms and lean toward the person to show how comfortable you are with your partner.

Start a conversation. If you haven't met the person sitting next to you, introduce yourself and ask her lighthearted questions about the activity the two of you are doing or watching. If you know the person sitting next to you, bring up an interesting topic, such as any common interests you have or neat places you want to go visit soon.

Laugh at any humorous comments or moments that happen, even if they are potentially embarrassing to you. If you spill or say something wrong, laugh it off. Make the person sitting next to you laugh by telling a short joke or making a funny observation about the events going on around you. If the person sitting next to you doesn't see what you see, get his attention by gently nudging him with your arm. This can also be an opportunity to physically engage the person next to you.

Compliment the person sitting next to you. Comment on one or two small things about her, such as her shoes, new hairstyle, or even personality traits such as her sense of humour. People love to be complimented on small things, especially if they are new or have just been changed. This is a way to start a conversation or continue one if it has hit a dull spot.

Make physical contact with the person sitting next to you to show that you are interested in him. Repeat the contact by making a small joke or game out of it. If you are watching a movie or game, you can yawn while you put your arm around the person sitting next to you. If you are sitting in a car or in class, you can make a small game -- for example, every time the teacher says "Um," tap him on the arm. Physical contact is a key aspect of successful flirting, as it makes other people feel close and accepted by you.


Remember to check your breath before you start flirting with someone. Breath onto your hand and then smell it. If you breath smells bad, eat a mint or chew on some mint flavoured gum.


Do not offend the person sitting next to you by flirting too much. Read the body language and facial expressions of the person next to you when you flirt.

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