How to Remove a Stuck Ice Dispenser Lever on a Samsung RS2577

Updated February 21, 2017

When you are making ice in the freezer of your Samsung RS2577 refrigerator, you may encounter a problem where ice production stops. The most common reason for this is due to ice cubes stuck together. Stuck ice cubes can also affect other parts of the freezer including the ice lever. The ice dispenser lever may also become stuck if the ice bucket is completely full or not in position on the sliding tracks.

Open the freezer door to your Samsung RS2577 refrigerator and pull out the ice bucket. If ice is stuck on the lever, break it off with your hand and then close the freezer door.

Shake the bucket lightly until the stuck ice becomes unhinged from the bucket. Make sure to not shake the bucket too hard or the ice will fly out.

Allow time for the bucket to sit at room temperature and for the ice to melt if it doesn't loosen from the bucket when you shake it.

Take out the stuck ice cubes and discard them. Make sure there is not stuck ice remaining in the bucket.

Open your freezer and then slide the ice bucket back into position. Make sure the bucket is on the sliding tracks and that it is pushed all the way back. Move the lever down to make new ice.


Check your freezer temperature settings to make sure it is not too cold.

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