How to Use a Voice Mailbox on a Nokia Cellphone

Updated March 23, 2017

Voice mail allows you to receive voice messages in your mailbox even when you are not able to answer the phone. Voice mail is an integrated feature of most cellular carriers, and in most cases, will be automatically set up when you first get service. However, you may have to manually enter your mailbox number into your Nokia phone, if it was not previously set up. Once this number is established, you can access voice mail directly from your Nokia cellphone to retrieve, listen to, save or delete voice messages.

Set up your mailbox number by selecting "Menu," "Messaging," "Voice Messages" and "Voice Mailbox Number" on your Nokia phone. On some Nokia phones, this option exists at "Menu," "Communic.," and "Call Mailbox" and will automatically prompt you for a mailbox number. Enter your mailbox number at the prompt.

Call your voice mailbox by selecting "Menu," "Messaging," "Voice Messages" and "Listen to Voice Messages." On some Nokia phones, this option is under "Menu," "Communic.," "Call Mailbox," "Options" and "Call Voice Mailbox." On other Nokia phones, you simply need to dial your own cellular number.

Enter your security code, if requested. Not all carriers require you to enter a security code when dialling from your own phone, but others do.

Listen to the prompts to determine how to manage your messages. This procedure varies between cellular carriers. Normally, you will press a certain key or say a certain phrase to activate a function, such as playing, saving and deleting messages.

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