How to Do Logon Scripts in Citrix

Updated July 20, 2017

Logon scripts are very useful for drive mapping and mapping network printers. When the user logs on, after authentication, the Citrix Access Gateway executes the script that performs the steps to make the appropriate printers and drive letters available. For instance, if all Citrix users need access to the "F:" drive and a colour printer located at a home office, the logon script sets both of these things up to ensure that the end-user has no problems performing the work.

Enable Profile Management by selecting "Profile Management" and double-clicking "Enable Profile management policy." Select "Enabled."

Define a Citrix Group Policy Object and define a logon script within the GPO. The logon script can be an executable or a batch file. Visual Basic and JavaScript scripts are not supported.

Enable the logon script to execute by clicking the "Access Policy Manager" tab in the Citrix Access Gateway Administration Tool. The Citrix Access Gateway establishes the connection to the domain controller. If the domain controller cannot be accessed, the user is logged in, but the script will not execute.

Right-click on the group created in Step 2 and select "Properties." Under "Session Options," select "Run Logon Scripts" and then click "OK." Enabling logon scripts will not allow scripts defined in Active Directory to execute. The script must be defined in the user's Windows profile.


The client machine must be a member of the domain to run logon scripts.

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