How to Kill a Process on Windows CE5.0

Updated March 23, 2017

At some point in time, users of Windows CE devices may need to stop, or "kill," a running process on the device. If a program crashes, but the process is still running, you can stop the process. Though the Windows mobile operating systems don't have a Windows Task Manager, as desktop versions of the Windows operating system have, there's a way to kill processes on Windows Mobile devices in the "System" settings.

Press or tap the "Start" option, and then tap the "Settings" link.

Scroll to and tap the "System Tab" in the "Settings" dialogue box.

Press or tap the "Memory" option, and then tap the "Running Programs" tab.

Scroll to and highlight the process to kill and tap the entry.

Tap the "End" option to kill the process.


Some running processes used for the operating system may not be stopped during device operation.

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